Welcome to Black Hat Social Club. this is the Offical Website for the Facebook Group.

Please feel free to make yourself at home and speak your truth as you see it. We would like to ask that the basic rules of respecting your fellow brothers and sisters by not using profanity, resorting to calling names or spreading false truths. We would also request that any statements you make be backed up by proof of the statement by posting a link of your source. We would also like for you to observe all copyright laws in regards to using protected material. We reserve the right to remove move any material that found in violation of copyright laws or offends common decency rules and laws.

Being that we’re a new website that you check this page and email the admin when you feel you need additional information to share your information with the group.

Once again welcome to this Website, We hope that you will find truth and knowledge that will benefit you in your life journey.

Black Hat Social Club.
March 1st, 2015